28-06-2017 = Update all packages to version 0.8.14, renaming some packages with "reloaded" tag to avoid confusion with compiz 0.9 introduced in debian stretch and add new repository for LMDE 2 (Betsy) MATE desktop

compiz-reloaded: v0.8.14
 * Build on GTK3 for Debian stretch and LMDE betsy release.
 * Build on GTK2 for Debian jessie release.
 * Handle _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE ClientMessages.
 * Fixes the whisker menu resize bug.
 * Improve horizontal and vertical maximizing.
 * Remove the "Number of Desktops" option.
 * Fix a crash when displaying special characters in gtk-window-decorator.
 * Set rotate and wall default flip bindings to None.
 * Fixes a problem where edges of screen are unclickable by default.
 * Fix potential for skydome silently failing to render.
 * Don't fallback for exceeding max texture size.
 * Improve --button-layout behavior for gtk-window-decorator.
 * Update translations.

compiz-reloaded-plugins-main: v0.8.14
 * Improve Static Switcher.
 * Add more colorfilters.
 * Update Catalan translation.

compiz-reloaded-plugins-extra: v0.8.14
 * Notification improvements.
 * Fix a potential crash in animationaddon when restarting Compiz.
 * Backport the Grid snap feature.
 * Update catalan translation.

compiz-reloaded-plugins-experimental: v0.8.14
 * Rename packaging to experimental instead of unsupported.
 * Add models for the cubemodel plugin.
 * Many improvements to the elements plugin.
 * Increase bonanza animation speed.
 * Add a default enabled option for stars, fireflies, wizard and snow.
 * Improvements to the static plugin.
 * Exit on user input after starting screensaver manually.
 * Improve the default snow texture.
 * Increase maximum text size in workspacenames.
 * Add earth plugin.
 * Update translations.

emerald: v0.8.14
 * Switch build on GTK3.
 * Fix wrong border extents.
 * Fix oversized buttons.
 * Fix crash when special characters are displayed in titlebar.
 * Fix various GTK+ problems.
 * Respect GTK+ double-click speed.
 * Allow configurable middle-click titlebar actions.
 * Update Catalan and French translations.

emerald-themes: v0.8.14
 * Add new themes Yosemite.

ccsm-reloaded: v0.8.14
 * Switch build on GTK3.
 * Fixes for Python3.
 * Introduce window state selector.
 * Add an icon for the Earth plugin.
 * Update translations.

simple-ccsm-reloaded: v0.8.14.1
 * Switch build on GTK3.
 * Silence a RSVG API version startup warning.

compizconfig-reloaded-python: v0.8.14
 * Better Python handling.

libcompizconfig-reloaded: v0.8.14
 * Maintenance release.

compiz-reloaded-bcop: v0.8.14
 * Maintenance release.

fusion-icon: v0.2.4
 * Fix fail to fallback from GTK+ if dependencies are not met.
 * Make the application ID for SNI the same as in AppIndicator in Qt5:"Fusion Icon".
 * Can affect the icon ordering.
 * Stop using fusion-icon-panel in the Qt frontend.
 * The icon is expected to sometimes be symbolic.
 * Hence explicit lookup for it can cause problems.
 * Implement left-click action with SNI on Qt5.
 * Open menu on "secondary action" in GTK+3.

19-08-2016 = Upload simple-ccsm package, update emeral-themes, ccsm and rebuild compiz

simple-ccsm: v0.8.12
 * Initial upload.

emerald-themes: v0.8.12.1
 * Add several new themes.

ccsm: v0.8.12.4
 * Update Catalan translation.
 * Switch build on GTK3 only for stretch package.

compiz: rebuild only for stretch
 * Switch build on GTK3 to fix dependency with new version of MATE desktop (#31).

18-05-2016 = Update compiz, compizconfig-python and libcompizconfig

compiz: v0.8.12.3
 * Drop glib-gettext dependency.
 * Change default Blur filter to Gaussian.
 * Fix for some cases when cursor settings were ignored by applications.
 * Fix depend on new libpng for stretch package (#9).

compizconfig-python: v0.8.12.1
 * Better detection of Python2.

libcompizconfig: v0.8.12.1
 * Drop locales support which is without actual locales.

06-04-2016 = Update emerald

emerald: v0.8.12.4
 * Fix button glow glitches (#5).
 * Remove possibility to select button glow for non-pixmap buttons (glow is only
   for pixmap buttons).
 * Fix button glow for only active or only inactive windows.
 * For now scaling is just disabled completely.
 * Other minor fixes.

25-03-2016 = Update ccsm and rebuild fusion-icon

ccsm: v0.8.12.2
 * Fix --with-gtk= option not working sometimes.
 * Fix highlight of "Ctrl" visual in hotkey selection dialog.
 * Gtk2: Fix a segfault on rare installations when clicking on list items.
 * Fix depends on package reported on GITHUB.

fusion-icon: rebuild
 * Add autostart desktop file (not actived by default).
 * Add compiz-gtk | emerald on depends to leave the choice of window manager.
 * Fix depends on package (big thanks to @XRevan86).

18-03-2016 = Update compiz and emerald

compiz: v0.8.12.1
 * Increase maximum Mipmap LOD for Blur plugin.
 * Probably fix "white glitches" that happen on resize in gtk-window-decorator.
 * Fix right click near top edge of maximized windows in gtk-window-decorator.
 * Fix a X11 Drawable leakage in gtk-window-decorator.

emerald: v0.8.12.3
 * Probably fix "white glitches" that happen on resize.
 * Fix a X11 Drawable leakage.
 * Fix having resize cursor activated for maximized windows.
 * Fix right click near top edge of maximized windows in gtk-window-decorator.
 * Add an option to emerald-theme-manager to disable shading when titlebar is
 * Add support for a Super Maximize button (toggles fullscreen).
 * Fix some memory leaks (big thanks to @zezic).

12-03-2016 = Upload GPG key and packages for jessie and stretch

ccsm: v0.8.12.1
compiz: v0.8.12
compiz-fusion-bcop: v0.8.12
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra: v0.8.12
compiz-fusion-plugins-main: v0.8.12.1
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported: v0.8.12
compizconfig-python: v0.8.12
emerald: v0.8.12.1
emerald-themes: v0.8.12
fusion-icon: v0.2.2
libcompizconfig: v0.8.12

07-03-2016 = Start of the project